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             Walking DeLand Tours              Descripton and prices


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2 Hours   $15.00 cash/check only

Historic Stetson, NW Housing District, and Downtown, all there in ONE SWEEPING EXCURSION.

This 15 block tour winds through the history and architecture of DeLand, it's people and their stories. Discover Deland, it's boom town frontier past, turn of the century Stetson and pristine NW housing district, the conflagration of '86, grand Hotels, the great freeze, booming 20's to busted 30's, World War 2 dive bombers, 1960s civil rights confrontations, downtown's decline and rebirth to become one of America's best. The tour takes about two hours, with about 50 minutes (2 miles) walking time. There is a short sit down break at midpoint.



1 HOUR/30 MINUTES     $10.00 cash/check only


Explore the early founders, Henry DeLand, famed hat maker John B. Stetson and others who forged a college town out of the Florida wilderness. Examine the historic buildings; walk the streets where they lived and worked to build a frontier into the Athens of Florida.

                       TOUR #3      NW HOUSING DISTRICT & DOWNTOWN

1 HOUR/35 MINUTES    $10.00 cash/check only

Tour one of America's best and most historical downtowns and it's nearby housing neighborhood of

the 1870's-1920s. You will be amazed at the pristine, contiguous districts, as you stroll the sidewalks of their homes into town.


1 HOUR/30 MINUTES     $10.00 cash/check only

Savor the historic tales and architectural treasures of a University built by the mega business tycoons,

DeLand, Flagler, Carnegie and Stetson. Then stroll to explore adjacent downtown DeLand, a pristine town of 1870's-1920's vintage where you can still view from the streets, the old steeple of Stetson's Elizabeth Hall towering above the oaks.

TOUR #5           URBAN DELAND

1 HOUR/30 MINUTES             $10.00/cash/check only

Tour with an expanded view, just DeLand DOWNTOWN.  You will find the area to be one of the most authentic 1870's-1920's urban districts in the state of Florida.  From these streets hear stories of the founders as they struggled through fires, freezes, booms, busts, and pandemics to become one of America's most awarded downtowns.

                               new!                          Tour#6      DECADES TOUR  ( of history and music )

                                                   1 HOUR/50 MINUTES           $15.00 cash or check only

Explore Downtown DeLand through decades of history and music. This unique tour is similar in scope to URBAN TOUR #5 with the added component of 20 LIVE MUSIC STOPS  at various points performed by Stanton O'Neal, tour guide, and musician.... the perfect blend of music, history, architecture and a touch of humor.....fascinating and entertaining!

All tour times are approximate.  If you need a SHORTER tour,  we can adjust to your needs.

             ** SUGGESTED: If you want ALL THREE DISTRICTS, do either Tour 1, or a combo of                         (Tour #2 and Tour #5 ) or (Tour #2 and Tour #6) on different days. children $2.00

                                        " Hope to see you walking DeLand soon!"  Stanton O'Neal


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